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1583, "place where goods are stored, esp. military ammunition," from M.Fr. magasin "warehouse, depot, store," from It. magazzino, from Ar. makhazin, pl. of makhzan "storehouse," from khazana "to store up." The original sense is almost obsolete; meaning "periodical journal" dates from the publication of the first one, "Gentleman's Magazine," in 1731, from earlier use of the word for a printed list of military stores and information, or in a fig. sense, from the publication being a "storehouse" of information. ///


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Magazine \Mag`a*zine"\, n. [F. magasin, It. magazzino, or Sp.
magacen, almagacen; all fr. Ar. makhzan, almakhzan, a
storehouse, granary, or cellar.]
[ Webster]
1. A receptacle in which anything is stored, especially
military stores, as ammunition, arms, provisions, etc.
``Armories and magazines.'' --Milton.
[ Webster]

2. The building or room in which the supply of powder is kept
in a fortification or a ship.
[ Webster]

3. A chamber in a gun for holding a number of cartridges to
be fed automatically to the piece.
[ Webster]

4. A pamphlet published periodically containing miscellaneous
papers or compositions.
[ Webster]

5. A country or district especially rich in natural products.
[Webster Suppl.]

6. A city viewed as a marketing center.
[Webster Suppl.]

7. A reservoir or supply chamber for a stove, battery,
camera, typesetting machine, or other apparatus.
[Webster Suppl.]

8. A store, or shop, where goods are kept for sale.
[Webster Suppl.]

{Magazine dress}, clothing made chiefly of woolen, without
anything metallic about it, to be worn in a powder

{Magazine gun}, a portable firearm, as a rifle, with a
chamber carrying cartridges which are brought
automatically into position for firing.

{Magazine stove}, a stove having a chamber for holding fuel
which is supplied to the fire by some self-feeding
process, as in the common base-burner.
[ Webster]

Magazine \Mag`a*zine"\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. {Magazined}; p. pr.
& vb. n. {Magazining}.]
To store in, or as in, a magazine; to store up for use.
[ Webster]